Thursday, 24 February 2011

Why do people keep coming here? (Or, how many times can I say "Sea Monkeys" in one post?)

So I haven't been around for a while (again) despite previous promises. Anyway, I checked in today only to find that people still come here. My only explanation is that people REALLY like Sea Monkeys... and my blog title references Sea Monkeys. I don't even have Sea Monkeys anymore... The whole community I had going died after a particularly nasty civil war they had going on. A very nasty time which shall henceforth be referred as The Great Sea Monkey Massacre. So anyways, I'm still looking for a non-Sea Monkey related job, playing non-Sea Monkey related games. I decided to play more Fallout 3 again (whick kind of includes Sea Monkeys... Only bigger and not Sea Monkeys). Still not got a Kinect yet (due to the no job thing), and got a couple of butt loads of new Transformers. So anyway, untill I next remember I have a blog, TAKE CARE!!!

P.s It was 7. I'm kind of dissappointed with myself. SEA MONKEYS! 8. That's beter.