Thursday, 11 February 2010

Another Sonic post (sorry)

I was just about to hit the hay and realised that the Sonic and Sega allstars racing demo had finished downloading so I decided to have a quick go and y'know see if it was better than that "other Kart racing game". So I started it up, as you do, and picked one of the two available characters (I'll get to that later). The first thing I noticed were the graphics, the level I played looked gorgeous and instantly identifiable as a Sonic-y level. The lights went green and I sped of across the beach and drifted through a power up, it was only the FUCKING CHAOS EMERALDS!!! I hit the button and wasn't really surprised when Sonic turned super but I was very happy. Then I got hit from behind by that cunting monkey Amigo, but his uppance came when I got him back with a rocket. Round the loop I went, trying to get a good look at the scenery whilst simultaneously trying not to drive off the edge of the track. anyway, I came last. Billy Hatcher won. Billy and I go back a long way so I wasn't angry. In fact, it was only then that I became aware of the huge grin on my face. I was probably grinning like a tart the whole way through. The game is a total fanwank, I fucking love it, and that's just one level. There's a house of the dead level... I mean track. A Jet set/grind Radio track, a shit load of Sonic tracks (makes sense seeing as the levels in most Sonic games could make good race tracks) and... many more... I forget which others. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about that other playable characters. Technically it's two. Banjo and Kazooie. I mean why? I'm sure I'm not alone and I fucking hate those characters. Hopefully they're the only none Sega characters in the finished game. My only other gripe so far is that annoying ass announcer, I do hope we can mute his stupid comments. And before anyone else asks "But why does sonic need a car?", it's to make it fair Ok? everyone knows Sonic would leave everyone eating his dust if he was running. Which is why I hate Mario and Sonic at ANY of the olympic games. Luckily this game comes out around my birthday so I'm going to get two copies. One to play and one to sleep with (under my pillow Ok? God, I'm not a pervert).

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