Wednesday, 3 February 2010

New SEGA console!!!!!!!!

Yeah, my heart broke too when I saw that. Sega have licensed out a few games to those Zone 40 guys who make that cheesy rip off Wii. It comes with 2 motion sensitive controllers, that must be sensitive to motion or something? This is all brand new technology to me. It comes preloaded with 50 games (about 46 of which you'll have already played to death). On the upside it might be kinda fun to play Ecco with motion controll, on the downside... what's the point? Acording to some sources the thing has a cart slot to play all your old megadrive games, handy for anyone who has a shitload of games but no megadrive to play them on (so that'll be... no one). I'm gonna hate myself but I know for sure I'm gonna end up with one of these fucking monstrosoties A; because I'll buy anything with a Sega logo stamped on it and B; because I can't keep away from Sonic's cheesy litle grin. It's like he know's I'm gonna buy it and he's laughing at me. The rotten bastard!
They're out in the summer and cost aboot £40, You'll find 'em clogging up bargain store shelves by autumn.

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